Vitor Belfort Trying to Head Legends League

Mixed martial arts veteran and former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort is gearing up for his next bout within the octagon. Belfort is set to compete against Nate Marqardt at UFC 212 this weekend. Now, Vitor Belfort has come forward with his interests in making some changes within the promotion.

In an interview with Flo Combat, Vitor Belfort explained that he is interested in altering the rules of professional MMA fighting.

“Who does not change his mind, does not grow. I have all the rules written down, I talked to several doctors. There are several adaptations. An example: I don’t like elbows. This opens cuts. What sport still has that? Only MMA. I believe that in the future we will have many changes.” Belfort stated.

Then Vitor Belfort explained, “Who makes the rules? That should be the athletes. We compete in this sport. It’s not any promoter. But the stars are the fighters, [so] they need to be included in the rule discussions. I have many ideas written down, I have to sit down and debate and see what is possible. It is all very simple. It is necessary that we can go and debate together. This is where I come in. Who creates the rules? There’s no use creating something without knowing what it is. I’m not going to create a rule for surfing or football.”

“I saw Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell want to fight again. The important thing is safety. You have to create something to protect your health, adapt rules to have great fighting. When I believe in something… It was like women’s MMA. Dana White was against it but now he supports it. I know this organization very well and they are thinking about expanding, and fans [also] want it.” He said.