Michael Bisping Announces Plans To Retire, Wants Final UFC Bout In England

“It’s been awhile. I’m getting that itch and I want to fight.

If I lose the belt in my next fight, because my next fight, I don’t know where it’s going to be… It’s probably going to be unfortunately not GSP.

Probably going to be the winner of Whittaker and Romero. I don’t know where that fight’s going to be. And I see myself winning that fight because I see Whittaker winning that fight, and I see myself beating Whittaker.

If Romero wins that fight, I see myself beating him as well, but I firmly believe it will beat Robert Whittaker.”

“Now, win or lose that fight, I’ll probably have one more.

And I want that to be in Manchester, or the UK. I want it to be in England.

I want my last fight [out there] [to] say my farewell. The fans in England have treated me so well. the MMA fans out there really embrace me as one of their own. And made the difference in my career. So I want my last fight to be in England. Whether or not I win my next fight, which I plan on winning, and I believe I will… Then I want to have one last fight in England, hopefully defending my belt for the 3rd time.

And then probably calling it a day…”

That’s straight from the horses mouth. You can listen to all the champ’s commentary in the video above.