Update: Police Report — Matt Hughes “Seriously Injured”

While the world awaits good news on today’s tragic train wreck involving Matt Hughes, we’ve all been circling around trying to find out what really happened today.

The UFC legend got hit by a speeding train near his hometown, while driving his truck and helping a friend. UFC President Dana White gave the first health update, citing head trauma as cause for the Hall-of-Famer to be airlifted to a local hospital.

Unfortunately at this point, all we have to go on is what Dana White has called ‘head trauma’, but a new report from MMAFighting.com, cites a police report that indicates what’s being called a “serious injury”.

Their report reads,

UFC legend Matt Hughes was seriously injured in a train accident Friday, the Illinois State Police confirmed.

A truck Hughes was driving was struck by a train in Raymond, Ill., at about 10:45 a.m., per a police release. Hughes was transported to a hospital in Springfield, Ill., by airlift.

UFC president Dana White informed ESPN.com about the accident earlier Friday.

Per the release, Hughes approached a “railroad grade crossing marked with crossbucks” in a pickup truck. The truck crossed the tracks “directly in front of a train and the train struck the passenger side of the truck.”

We will continue to monitor the situation close.

UPDATE: New details concerning the accident of Matt Hughes have been revealed. Click here for details on Hughes’ incident.