War Machine’s Prosecutor Details Court Victory And Giving Life Sentence To The “Ticking Time Bomb”

Former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine has been 36 years to life in prison for the crimes he committed against porn star Christy Mack.

War Machine, born Jonathan Koppenhaver was charged with 29 different crimes including sexual assault and kidnapping.

The prosecutor for the case recently talked about the case with MMA Fighting.

We’re pleased with the result, because this was a long, arduous process, especially for the victims,” Steven Wolfson said. “He put up a pretty vigorous defense. But the bottom line is we have a pretty violent guy with a violent past that committed a horrific act against two people. And because of all that, the judge saw fit to give him a stiff sentence and we’re pleased about it.”

Wolfson went on to say that the case was difficult due to Mack’s background and the case being so high profiled. However, with his history of criminal offenses, Wolfson said it was important for War Machine to get a severe sentence.

“He’s a walking time bomb,” Wolfson said. “After spending two years in custody, maybe he’s mellowed out a little. But Christy Mack still fears for her life. And he’ll be 71 years old when he comes up for parole. I have to think for the next 36 years, he’s gonna mellow out. Most people do. Most seniors are not capable nor desirous of doing the same things they would do in their 30s. But I’d be afraid of him on the streets right now and for a long time.”