CB Dollaway & Ed Herman Go To Absolute War, Dolloway Wins After 19 Mo. Layoff

UFC International Fight Week is upon us and on Friday the UFC hosted The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption Finale in Las Vegas.

The night featured an exciting lightweight battle in the main event and the crowning of a new TUF champion, but the night also featured a full night filled with exciting matchups.

An intriguing light heavyweight fight between two UFC veterans took place on the prelims as Ed Herman fought CB Dollaway.

Herman rocked Dollaway early in the fight with a strong right hand. Dollaway responded with taking the fight to the ground. On the ground, Dollaway landed hard punches and elbows. Herman fought as hard as he could to get to his feet, but Dollaway was like a wet blanket on top of him. Dollaway later took Herman’s back, but Herman fought to get his back to the mat. Dollaway then went for a kimura lock but Herman escaped. The round ended with Dollaway landing strikes inside of Herman’s guard.

Dollaway landed a hard leg to start the second round. Dollaway then landed a strong head kick, but Herman responded with getting Dollaway to the ground. After only a couple seconds on the ground, Dollaway fought his way up. Herman later dropped Dollaway with punches. Herman secured top position. Dollaway used a heel hook to get Herman off of him briefly. Herman landed strikes and attempted submissions when he regained top position. At the end of the round, Dollaway reversed the position and ended the round on top.

Dollaway landed a takedown early in the final round. Herman went for a kimura from the bottom. He almost got on top, but Dollaway managed to secure his dominant position. For the majority of the round, Dollaway landed punches and smothered Herman from on top. Herman went for a knee bar and briefly had the dominant position, but Hollaway ended the fight on top.

Official Result:

CB Dollaway def. Ed Herman by unanimous decision — 29-28, 29-27, 29-28