Paulie Keeps It #100 — ‘Conor had the upper hand in sparring’

Boxing phenom Paul Malignaggi recently departed from Conor McGregor’s training camp, just shortly after joining the UFC champion’s team as a sparring partner. A series of leaked sparring photos lead the boxer to leave the training camp. Now, Malignaggi has come forward with some new information on his sparring sessions with the UFC lightweight champion.

On today’s edition of The MMA Hour, Paul Malignaggi appeared for an interview. The boxer explained that Conor McGregor did get the best of him in a sparring session.

“Thursday we boxed. He probably got the better of me a little bit, mainly on conditioning. It wasn’t anything tactical that he was better than me at. In conditioning, he could push the issue a little bit more than I could. He was able to work a little harder than me.” Malignaggi stated.