Pauli Reveals Round by Round Sparring Breakdown to Ariel Helwani

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is set to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside a boxing ring on Aug. 26. That being said, it would not appear that everything is going well within the UFC champion’s training camp. One of the fighter’s sparring partners, Paul Malignaggi, recently departed from the camp after a series of sparring photos were leaked to the public. Now, Malignaggi has come forward to tell his story of how sparring with the UFC champion really went down.

Paul Malignaggi appeared on today’s edition of The MMA Hour. During the episode, the boxer provided a tell-all interview on how sparring with Conor McGregor went down.

Malignaggi revealed that he had flown across the country on the same day he initially sparred the UFC champion. The boxer then explained that McGregor’s cardio proved to be valid challenge for him, though he did not believe McGregor was tactically more sound than himself.

For the full interview with Paul Malignaggi and Ariel Helwani, see the video below.