Recovering Matt Hughes Miraculously Back On The Mats Grappling

Former UFC welterweight champion, Hall-Of-Famer Matt Hughes has had a rough couple of months.

In a shocking development to his life’s story, Hughes was recently struck by a speeding train, hospitalized with a severe brain injury and placed into a coma.

We didn’t know if he was going to make it, because it looked really bad at the time. However, Hughes being the fighter that he is, is ahead of schedule and already back on the BJJ mats.

His friend shared the video and an update today.

Check it:

I leave for only five days and come back to his ass wanting (and able) to roll! Unbelievable! Spare me the grappling lessons. The only things that are important: firing muscles that haven’t been used in a long time…and having fun! So awesome to see that smile and hear that laugh again. If I posted a video from day one and compared it to today…and you still didn’t believe in miracles…well, there’s nothing that’s ever going to change your mind.