Rumor: Cris Cyborg Nixed From WWE’s Plans In Favor Of Ronda Rousey

UFC champion Cris Cyborg was recently able to inject herself into the WWE conversation by starting a momentary twitter feud with WWE star Becky Lynch.

Unfortunately for Cyborg, the UFC opted against that angle now that Ronda Rousey is in the fold.

With Rousey’s teammate Chayna Baszler making waves under the WWE banner as of late, Ronda’s return to the pro-wrestling world seems all but certain.

Now, the good folks over at inform us:

Rumor and conspiracy theory all warped into one. UFC champion Cris Cyborg is really upset the WWE nixed her Twitter angle with Becky Lynch. Rumor/conspiracy theory is WWE killed the feud so Cyborg would not wrestle in the WWE before her MMA rival Ronda Rousey