Andrea “KGB” Lee Releases Statement On Sudden Removal From Her UFC Debut

Nicknamed "KGB", Andrea Lee was supposed to debut at UFC 216.

Fresh off the heels of last Friday’s LFA flyweight title defense, Andrea Lee got her long-awaited call to make her debut in the UFC.

Accepting her UFC contract just three-days after her latest finish, the rising female star also agreed to make her debut at next week’s UFC 216. This would have been 15 days after her last fight, and she’s already fought four-times in the past twelve-months.

To say Andrea “KGB” Lee isc active and fearless would be an understatement.

Unfortunately though, because of a 2016 failed drug test in Nevada, for a diuretic, “KGB” does not qualify for a USADA exemption and must enter the USADA testing pool for at least six months before she is allowed to make her UFC debut.

This is not the UFC’s call, though they pay USADA as a third party to test their athletes, it’s in the USADA rulebook, which states, “A new or returning Athlete who admits or has an established and verifiable history of the Use, Attempted Use or Possession of a substance or method that is classified as prohibited at all times on the Prohibited List shall not be permitted to compete in UFC Bouts until he/she has made him/herself available for Testing for a minimum period of six months before competing. At USADA’s discretion, such Athletes may also be required to provide a minimum of two negative Samples during the minimum six-month notice period before being cleared for competition. This provision shall not apply in situations in which (i) the Athlete’s Use of the Prohibited Substance or Method was pursuant to a valid TUE or (ii) USADA subsequently grants the Athlete a TUE for the substance or method in question.”

Lee has now broken her silence on the matter, and has released a public statement through her official instagram account.

Here’s what she said:

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