Boxing’s Anthony Joshua Says He’ll Slap And Destroy The UFC Roster

It would appear that boxing champion Anthony Joshua is still confident that he could take on a UFC competitor and deal some damage to the chosen mixed martial artist.

In a recent interview with Daily Star, Anthony Joshua explained that the rumors of him making it to the Mayweather vs. McGregor card never made much traction.

“It was a bit of light-hearted banter.” He stated. However, the boxer says he is still willing to take on a UFC competitor.

“But I’ll still smash up those UFC fighters if I wanted. You can’t talk to me like that.”

“I’ll give them a slap,” The fighter continued.

“I’m a fighter, you don’t just call people out recklessly,” He said.

“I”m not a UFC fighter – I can’t put you in a submission – but I know how to throw my legs, I know how to use my elbows and I know how to punch people.

“That’s my only disadvantage, the submissions.

“But I’ll throw it down, for sure.”