California Takes Action Against Jon Jones, Overturns Latest D.C. Fight Result

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has overturned UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’ knockout win against Daniel Cormier.

In July, at UFC 214, Jones knocked out Daniel Cormier to regain his title. Since the fight happened, the U.S Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) revealed that Jones failed an in-competition drug test from a sample taken the day before the fight.

This week, Jones’ B-sample results also came in, and he tested positive for the same steroid as he did in the first drug test.

With Jones’ failing an in-competition drug test, the CSAC has decided to overturn his knockout win and has ruled the fight as a no-contest.

With Jones’ win being taken off of his record, this means he did not defeat Cormier for the light heavyweight title. The UFC has yet to strip Jones of the title, but with the CSAC overturning his win, Jones’ being stripped of his championship seems like the next logical step.

If Jones is stripped of the title, it is still unclear at this time if the championship will be vacant or if it will be given back to Cormier.