GSP Reveals Long Kept Secret On Why He Really Left The UFC

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre has revealed why he left the UFC back in 2013.

After successfully defending his title for the ninth consecutive time, St-Pierre shocked the MMA world when he relinquished his title and walked away from the UFC.

Recently, St-Pierre did an interview with Newsday and talked about why he left the sport.

“When I left, it wasn’t because of damage,” St-Pierre said. “It was more mental. More anxiety, nervousness. I couldn’t sleep well. I felt like I was claustrophobic. Too much pressure.

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“I had a problem at that time, too, a personal problem. It’s like a bag of bricks that you carry that you don’t have time to empty your bag. It piled up on each other. Now I had time off, I had time to empty my bag. Now I come back light.”

After being away from the sport for four years, St-Pierre will return to the UFC on Nov. 4. At UFC 217, St-Pierre will fight UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping in the main event in New York City.