Chuck Liddell Thinks Warmup Fight With Chael Sonnen Would Be A Good Start

It seems that during the past few years former UFC star Chael Sonnen has been on a mission to step into the cage with some of mixed martial arts top legends. First there was Tito Ortiz, and then he fought Wanderlei Silva, but following that fight he was also interested in a fight against longtime heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko. However, his recent focus has been turned to former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell.

Liddell has been retired since his loss to Rich Franklin in June of 2010, but that hasn’t stopped Sonnen from trying to get a fight with him.

“I think the most likely opponent is going to end up being Chuck Liddell,” Sonnen said to Flocombat in an earlier interview. “We’ll see what happens there, but that’s what I think is going to happen. The way it works is eventually I’ll get a call or a text from (Scott) Coker telling me who he wants me to fight and when, and I’ll text him back to accept. It’ll be done just like that. I won’t be part of a discussion or turn down anyone they want me to fight. I never have and I never will, and they can make it any weight class they want.I think there are actual legs to this Chuck thing. I really do.”

Liddell has been listening to Sonnen call him out and seems to be warming up to the idea. The former UFC champ has been spotted back in the gym training, and it’s pretty safe to say that he doesn’t think Sonnen would be a very difficult comeback fight.

“I’m never going to say 100 percent no (to stepping in the cage again).” Liddell said in an interview with TMZ.

“Chael’s the easy fight,” Liddell stated. “If I was going to come back, it’s a good one. It’s a good warmup fight. He talks a lot. I think that’s why he does all that WWE style.”