Conor’s Coach Calls For McGregor vs. Diaz 3 On St. Paddy’s Day In NYC

Reigning UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is only about a month removed from his mega-fight with boxing pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather, McGregor was able to put on an impressive performance against Mayweather, despite the fact he had no prior boxing experience. But with the boxing match now behind him, he can once again turn his attention to MMA.

Since that time, Conor has been taking some time off while UFC fans speculate what’s next for McGregor. Names like Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov, have all been waiting for Conor to return to the octagon, but the fight that makes the most sense at this point is a trilogy fight with his rival Nate Diaz. Rumors have already been running rampant that the UFC is looking to book McGregor vs. Diaz 3 for late December, but his coach has another idea that he’d like to see.

Earlier today, McGregor’s longtime head coach John Kavanagh spoke to the media about Conor’s next fight.

“December 30th is definitely not happening, I don’t know how these things get started, but they have a certain way of gaining momentum. I can also tell you that his manager rang me this morning saying that him and Conor had been in meetings all day. Obviously, tomorrow is when we would start to consider the date. If it was my choice, and I must stress that this is only my choice and that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, it would be Nate Diaz in March, that’s what I would push towards. I have in my head that it would be a Paddy’s Day card in New York, Nate Diaz 3. I think that would be absolutely amazing. That’s what I would wish for. That’s what I’ll be leaning towards with my 0.1 percent influence when I meet with Conor and Audie (Attar) tomorrow. I want Diaz 3, Paddy’s Day in New York. Obviously, it could still be Canelo in May,” Kavanagh said again with laughter.