Conor’s Sparring Partner Opens Up About Impact Being ‘Team McGregor’ Has On Him

UFC megastar Conor McGregor has garnered a storied career in his time with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In his rise to fame, those closest to the fighter have arguably gained in popularity. SBG Ireland and the fight camp’s head coach John Kavanagh are both on the front of many fight fans minds, as the camp is home to the UFC lightweight champion. However, it would appear that one of the camp’s members does not believe that the coverage is entirely positive.

SBG Ireland’s Frans Mlambo recently took a moment to explain what it is like being a part of the now famous fight camp in the podcast below.

Speaking on his ability to be apart of large events because of his place in the famous camp, Mlambo stated:

“That only lasts so long. Do you know any of the training partners from the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight? That’s not a thing that people think about. It feels great being around it… and there are little perks to it. But, this is a fight game. It’s a solitary thing. Being a part of all of them camps has gotten me experience. Personally and career wise, it doesn’t do much for you.

“It gives you the experience and shows you where you could possibly be and how to deal with certain things, like media stuff.”

As a training partner to Conor McGregor, Frans Mlambo does not seem to believe that his position with “Notorious” is aiding him much in his fighting skill.

Speaking on the matter, Frans Mlambo stated:

“But in fighting, it doesn’t do much for you.”