Creepy Fan Starts Twitter Stalking Paige VanZant, And He Takes Things To A New Low

UFC star Paige VanZant is being stalked on Twitter by a creepy fan who thinks the two should be together.

Earlier this week, VanZant appeared on The MMA Hour and officially announced that she has a new boyfriend.

VanZant’s announcement led to her getting multiple unnecessary tweets from a man who is claiming that he would be a perfect match for the UFC fighter.

The inappropriate tweets directed at VanZant started on Wednesday after VanZant talked about her new boyfriend on Twitter. After posting the tweet, VanZant started being harassed by a Twitter user who goes by the name “$KING RICHARD$” who sent VanZant a side-by-side picture of himself next to her.

“This is an actual accurate proper match Paige!!! Not that (expletive)!!!! Why are you being so stupid for??? Unprofessional!!!,” The man wrote on Twitter.

The man then posted a side-by-side photo of himself and VanZant’s new boyfriend.

“I look way better than that ugly (expletive) guy & this isn’t even my best picture!!!” The man wrote. “He looks like sloth from the Goonies!!! Like an Inbred!!!”

After talking about VanZant’s boyfriend, he then began attacking VanZant’s appearance.

“Model women are supposed to actually have hips on them with longer, nicer shaped legs! & not have more of guy faces! Prettier faces!” The man wrote.

Below, you can see some of the inappropriate tweets this man sent VanZant and see for yourself how he crossed the line.

VanZant is currently dating fellow MMA fighter Austin Vanderford, who is currently undefeated in the sport with two wins.

VanZant is currently preparing for her next fight inside the Octagon. On Oct. 7, VanZant will be moving up to the flyweight division to fight Jessica Eye, who will be moving down from the bantamweight division. The two UFC contenders will compete at UFC 216, which will take place in Las Vegas.