Demetrious Johnson Doesn’t Trust Ray Borg To Show Up To Fight

UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson doesn’t know if he can trust Ray Borg to show up if the two are rebooked to fight again.

Johnson was scheduled to defend his title against Borg last weekend at UFC 215. However, two days before the fight, Borg was forced to withdraw from the bout due to an illness.

On Monday, Johnson appeared on The MMA Hour and talked about Borg’s last minute cancellation. The UFC champion said that Borg doesn’t need to talk to him and should just focus on making weight. Johnson also said he doesn’t know if he can trust Borg to make weight, and said Borg should contemplate moving up to the bantamweight division.

“He doesn’t need to call me,” Johnson said. “He doesn’t need to text me. He doesn’t need to tweet me or anything like that. Just get healthy and then we can make this fight happen. That’s the only thing that needs to be said and that I’m gonna say. (Expletive) happens and if he has a hard time cutting weight, I think UFC and USADA should consider him going up to 135.”

Johnson went on to say that he wasn’t sure why Borg didn’t make weight, and all he can do is focus on his next title defense.

“You know what?” Johnson said. “I have no idea. All I can do is what I do best — get ready for my fight and hope he shows up. The biggest thing when I hear that is I definitely better win this (expletive) fight. We can’t have an unreliable champ. I gotta go out there and put this man away and make sure you guys have a champion that’s always gonna show up, always gonna fight and is always gonna make weight.”