Gilbert Melendez Leg Update | 5 Days Later

Gilbert Melendez’s wife has given an update on her husband’s leg five days after UFC 215.

Last Saturday, Melendez made his featherweight debut in the UFC when he fought featherweight contender Jeremy Stephens. Early in the fight, Stephens landed a leg kick that did severe damage.

Even though Melendez was hurt, he refused to give up and fought for all three rounds. However, Stephens kept attacking the injured leg and knocked Melendez to the ground on numerous occasions. In the end, even though Melendez showed a lot of heart and toughness, Stephens earned a unanimous decision victory.

On Thursday, Keri Melendez shared photos of Melendez’s leg on Twitter. Melendez’s leg appears to be less swollen, but it is still severely bruised.

“Update on Gilbert’s leg for all the supportive fans. Still sore but we are getting better. Blood is spreading throughout the leg,” Keri Melendez wrote.

In the photos below, you can see for yourself how Melendez’s leg looks just five days after his fight.