UFC Results: Jessica Andrade Dominates Claudia Gadelha Putting On Performance Of Her Career

The two popular UFC strawweights had some bad blood heading into their UFC Japan fight and they absolutely didn’t hold back, All you had to do was listen to some of the comments during the lead up to their fight and you knew it would be fireworks between the two Brazilians.

Claudia, since she moved away from Brazil, she says she has changed and her style is different, but the big thing is whenever you get hit – chances are you’ll revert back to who you are; to your origins as a martial artist. And as much as she’s probably interested in striking with me to begin with, as soon as the first hand hits she’ll revert back to who she has always been.”

“I don’t know if you can call it that, since she pretty much left everybody there in Brazil,” said Andrade discussing Gadelha’s exit from team in Brazil.

“A lot of people in Brazil are not happy with her,” Andrade said. “Because of the way things went and because of the statements she made about the country and the people there who are involved in fighting. This is something that she has to be responsible for. It was her decision, as was the way she dealt with it, and her reputation in Brazil was damaged because of it. Especially around the people that are in the sport.”

“I am very hands on when it comes to dealing with the fans,” stated Andrade. “I respond to pretty much everybody who messages me or visits me in training. I don’t think Claudia does the same. I have had people complaining to me about how Claudia deals with them.”

From the opening bell Claudia Gadelha and Jessica Andrade went toe to toe, each landing hard shots and opening up cuts on the other. However, it was the second round that would prove to be the big round for Andrade as she began to bully Gadelha around the octagon, dominating her on the ground with hard ground and pound. The third round was much of the same with Claudia continuing to land hard strikes on the ground to Gadelha.

UFC Results: Jessica Andrade def. Claudia Gadelha by unanimous decision.