Joe Rogan Interviewed Another Knocked Out Fighter Last Night … Resulting In An Emotional In-Cage Retirement

Time and time again we’ve heard Joe Rogan promise to never interview another freshly knocked out UFC fighter.

We thought he learned his lesson when Alistair Overeem refused to accept defeat, calling his opponent a tapping cheater on live T.V., then Rogan interviewed another one with similar results.

Joe himself has spoken out against his own decision making, and vowed to never interview another man just picked up off the canvas again, however last night he did.

Canada’s Mitch Clarke got dominated in Edmonton on Saturday. And, after getting battered for the majority of his fight, he was finished by Alex White in the second round.

Going against his own words, Rogan put the mic in the losers face, a rarity in itself for a prelim, and the emotional Clarke retired.

Check it out: