Legendary Photo Of A Young Bas Rutten Emerges … And He Had Hair

MMA legend and pioneer, Bas Rutten.

Bas Rutten has collected a storied career in mixed martial arts.

A former heavyweight champion in the UFC, Rutten is now a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

After completing a dominant career in mixed martial arts, Bas Rutten began a career as a color commentator for the Pride promotion.

Now, the MMA veteran is exploring a position in film, having played a larger role in the film Here Comes the Boom. Now an image of a younger Bas Rutten has made its way onto the internet.

The UFC Hall of Famer sported a hairless head during his fighting career. That being said, an older image from the fighter’s younger days is now making its way across the internet. In the image below, Rutten can be seen with a full head of hair.

Check out the MMA legend in the picture in the Twitter post below: