Michael Bisping Refuses To Train With Daniel Cormier, Here’s Why

During a recent UFC post-fight show on FOX, Daniel Cormier offered some interesting words for Michael Bisping. Speaking about wanting “something kind of easy,” Cormier explained that he wants to fight Michael Bisping. Well, it would appear that Michael Bisping may actually be interested in facing the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Responding to Cormier’s fight offer on his podcast Believe You Me, Michael Bisping explained that he may take up Cormier on his offer.

When asked about the possibility of training with Daniel Cormier, Michael Bisping gave his opinion on the champion and the chance of them meeting inside the octagon.

Here is what Bisping had to say:

“Speaking of guys that think they can take me – which of course when I say this, most people are gonna think he can take me – I was working with Daniel Cormier at the weekend and . . . all he kept talking about all weekend was, ‘Mike, I want to fight you next. I want to fight you.’ On air, off air, at the hotel, constantly. He was like, ‘Mike, I will break you within five minutes.’ Dude, are you crazy? Do you really believe that?”

It would appear that Michael Bisping may not be training with the UFC light heavyweight champion anytime soon, but perhaps a fight between the two fighters will make its way in front of fight fans.

Bisping continued:

“I don’t know if he’s joking or if he’s serious, but if he is serious, I’ll fight him next even though I said last week I’m gonna retire. I would fight Daniel Cormier because that would be a huge fight. DC is a great guy, he’s hilarious, hell of a fighter and he seems to be targeting a fight with me. So DC, if you’re serious, which I kind of think you are, then yeah, screw it, if only to annoy everyone in the world I will, again, fight somebody who doesn’t fight at middleweight.”

Here’s the replay of Bisping’s statement: