Pauli Malignaggi Get His Own Conor McGregor Diss Track…And It’s Hilarious!

Pauli Malignaggi

Former boxing world champion Pauli Malignaggi has been on a war of words with Conor McGregor and his entire camp for months now. The issues truly arose when McGregor’s team released some footage that showed Pauli getting roughed up in sparring. Malignaggi outright denied the their teams “knockdown” claim, and has been campaigning for a fight ever since.

McGregor of course is stating the opposite and says Pauli simply came in and got lit up during their sparring.

“So I released one picture with me whooping his ass with both hands behind my back,” McGregor said. “When I heard the stuff he was saying, I was like, ‘That’s concussion talk,’” McGregor continued. “The man was badly, badly concussed. Look at his face. He was busted up bad.”

“It comes with the territory,” McGregor stated. “At the end of the day, I’m the one in here fighting. I’m the one in here doing it. He showed up, he tried his best, it didn’t go his way, he got his ass whooped, he got his pride dented,” McGregor said. “And then he wanted a way out. What better way for a guy like him to exit under a load of questions and mysterious?”

“He was flattened,” said McGregor. “What can I say? He got his ass whooped. But I like the guy. He’s alright, though. He’s kind of a like a lovable mouthpiece. He’s alright, but it did not go well for him.”

Of course Pauli was very upset about how it all unfolded and went full blast on Conor for the entire situation.

“It’s not nice to paint a pic that isn’t true, this was a pushdown in sparring, post the whole video rounds 1 through 12 UNEDITED…the UFC PI has cameras all over the gym recording 24/7. The video exists UNEDITED of rounds 1 through 12 Tuesday night, let the fans see…I came to help this camp out, not to be exploited, now you’re gonna get the truth though. Post FULL UNEDITED VIDEO FROM TUES night…I actually beat his ass, 24 hours off a flight too lol, which is why I’m saying post the vid. I try not to be petty but seems it’s late for that now…I did interview BECAUSE of the pics, I’m not your average sparring partner. You post pics with me, media will hound me, I’ve said stop with pics…Only his personal photographers allowed in the gym. Don’t just invent your own reality of things because it’s how you wish it to be buddy.”

Malignaggi would love to fight McGregor in the boxing ring, and has been campaigning for the fight ever since his loss to Mayweather in August. It seems the internet is also still interested in a Conor vs. Pauli showdown, especially with his new diss track going viral.