Tony Ferguson And Fabricio Werdum Need To Be Separated While Doing Media

Tony Ferguson and Fabricio Werdum had be separated by security while doing media earlier today. Ferguson and Werdum were seated side by side at a table while fielding questions from reporters. When a reporter asked Werdum a question, Ferguson got upset because when the two were talking over one another.

Tony Ferguson has been one of the most dominant lightweights the UFC has seen in years with big wins over Edson Barboza, Josh Thomson, and former UFC lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos.  He’s also one of the biggest lightweights in the division and is said to be over 200lbs on a normal basis.

Back before he fought Gleison Tibau at UFC 184, Ferguson told that he’s used to fighting bigger guys and it’s nothing new to him.

“Even keeping range, or if we’re going to go close range, I’m a wrestler, and his size is easier to replicate,” Fergson said. “I live in Southern California, and there’s a sh-tload of people here, man. There are a bunch of people who are down to help me win. So when this guy goes to shoot in on me, you’ve got to remember, I used to wrestle at 184 pounds. I bumped up two weight classes, and I was wrestling guys who were 210 pounds, no problem, and I’m barely making 174. I’m used to these big brutes coming after me. It’s not going to translate any differently when I get in that octagon on Saturday.”

Kevin Lee Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee.

However, picking a fight with a former UFC heavyweight champion probably isn’t the best idea. Werdum certainly wasn’t going to back down from Ferguson either, so it’s a good thing cooler heads prevailed.

Ferguson is set to face Kevin Lee in the main event of UFC 216 for the interim lightweight title, while Werdum is taking on Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis on the same card.