Betting Odds Open Up For McGregor vs. Phelps Swimming Race

Betting odds for a Conor McGregor vs. Michael Phelps swimming race.

Two years ago, it would have been hard to believe that Conor McGregor would be making a boxing debut inside the T-Mobile Arena against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Still, it happened. “Notorious” faced a TKO loss, sure. That being said, McGregor walked away with what has become the payday of his career to date. Now, betting odds have been revealed for another hard to imagine event.

Rumors of Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and Conor McGregor entering a swimming race began to swirl earlier this year. Stoking the flames of fan speculation, Michael Phelps acknowledged the rumor and asked fans if they should throw down after all.

Michael Phelps is a fan faovorite, unsurprisingly. Standing at -1999, Phelps is currently at a more than considerable advantage. Conor McGregor sits at +685.

Conor McGregor has yet to reveal precisely what his next move will be, since losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, McGregor knows he’s got many options on the table including the winner the UFC 216 main event between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee or a much anticipated trilogy fight with Nate Diaz.

Now it would appear that another offer may be on the table. Check out the betting line for Conor McGregor vs. Michael Phelps.