Rory MacDonald Explains The Turtleneck, And It’s Hilarious!

Former UFC contender Rory MacDonald and Bellator welterweight champion Douglas Lima met face-to-face for a heated staredown at Bellator 183. However, the staredown is not what has many fans talking. Instead, the new topic of discussion is MacDonlad’s latest fashion choice.

For the staredown, Douglas Lima appeared in a standard suit. MacDonald, on the other hand, showed up to the event in a black turtleneck. Since then, Rory MacDonald has gone viral.

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Rory MacDonald gave his explanation for wearing the turtleneck and what his intentions were going into the staredown.

Here is what “Red King” had to say:

“It was a clothing item I decided to wear and it turned into a viral disaster, but it was amazing at the same time. So, I’ll be the turtleneck guy for now on.

“I think I’ll play it up hear and there. Whenever I get a chance, you’ll see me rocking a turtleneck look.

“I didn’t plan it to be a Fedor sweater moment.”

Rory MacDonald and Douglas Lima will throw down on Jan. 20 in Inglewood, Calif.