Body Language Expert Breaks Down The Jon Jones Accidental Steroid Slip Up On FOX

This whole Jon Jones nonsense is devastating and sad.

Despite the evidence of multiple failed drug tests, and reckless behavior outside of the cage, I don’t think I’m alone when I still hold out hope that Jon Jones is innocent.

There’s no argument who the greatest fighter of all time really is. Jon Jones represents the next-stage in the evolution of the sport. He beat every legend there was for him to beat, remained unbeaten and dominant his entire UFC career, and he was also the youngest to ever do it.

Now there’s a cloud over the man’s legacy. And it’s a damn shame.

I never really was much of a Jon Jones fan. I enjoyed watching his fights, but I wasn’t a fan of the whole fake jesus thing he used to pull. That was weird to me. Still though, whether you were rooting for him or against him, Jon Jones proved time and time again he’s just too talented for everyone.

But, was it steroids all along? Did we all get fooled? At this point many have lost faith. It’s hard not to.

In the end, the last one was an alleged d*ck pill, it got him suspended for 12 months, and cleared him of doing real steroids. This one, the argument is still out as to how the drug got into Jon’s system. There’s still a chance he can once again prove some kind of ignorance, instead of intent to cheat. If found guilty he faces up to a four-year ban from the sport, a potential career ender for the still-young stripped UFC champion.

There seems to be a number of over the counter supplements available that could cause a person to fail for what Jon Jones failed for. And Major League Baseball is currently having a major issue with the same PED, and all the failed athletes are fighting for their innocence.

It’s a weird thing, if you want to dive deep into it and hold out hope that the sport’s greatest fighter ever isn’t just a POS cheater, you can check out some of these things HERE.

This body language expert thinks Jon Jones is absolutely guilty. It’s a great watch.

Check it out:

Jon Jones is a 30-year-old former two-time UFC champion. His out-of-cage decisions and antics, mixed with his in-cage dominance, are an enigma to most onlookers. He burst onto the UFC scene back in 2008 with as an undefeated prospect. He took out his first opponent under the lights in André Gusmão with a decision win.

He followed that performance up five-months later, in his second UFC appearance, with a flashy and endlessly dominant performance over UFC Hall-Of-Famer Stephen Bonnar. From there the star Jon “Bones” Jones was born.

Unfortunately, no fighter in UFC history has been stripped of their championship belt even twice. Jon Jones broke that record when he was stripped in 2016, and he broke his own record in 2017 when he was stripped for the third time after his UFC 214 win over Daniel Cormier.

There’s still hope though . . .