Dana White Breaks His Silence On The UFC’s Need For More Weight Classes

Ever since the UFC implemented early morning weigh-ins and banned IV re-hydration there has been a major call to action from both fans and fighters for the UFC to add more weight classes.

The UFC brass hasn’t commented on the subject even once. However, in a new interview with TSN, UFC president Dana White broke his silence on the topic, and flat out does not agree.

Dana said, “People are like, ‘Add weight classes, do this, do that. It’s never going to change. You’re still going to have people trying to – let’s say I add a 165-pound weight class. That will only mean bigger guys will try to make 165. Everybody’s always looking for an advantage.

“There’s ways to cut weight. There’s safe ways. There’s scientific ways. Nutritionists can help you do this. Everybody just wants to take shortcuts and the easy way. But there is no easy way when you’re cutting weight.

“What we’ve been doing is Jeff Novitzky, the guy we hired who handles all the (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) stuff, he’s tracking all these guys’ weights. He tracks them. When you come in the week of the fight we find out where you are compared to where you were the last couple times you fought.”

If it’s up to Dana White, it looks like we can put that idea to bed.