Michael Bisping Continues To Roast GSP And His Alien Homies . . . Wins Today’s Internet

When Georges St. Pierre and Michael Bisping held their pre-fight press-conference two weeks ago, a monster was born in the form of a British man mocking a French-Canadian accent and talking about aliens.

“He didn’t want to fight, because Johny Hendricks hit himself in the head so many times that he thinks he was abducted by Aliens.” said Bisping during an earlier UFC 217 Press Conference.

The UFC middleweight champion hasn’t let up on GSP at all in the past few months either.

“But in truth, he’s doing this because he thinks he can beat me.” Michael Bisping said to Ariel Helwani. “We trained together a long, long time ago and he out-wrestled me then. I didn’t know a double-leg from a Big Mac. So he still thinks he can out-wrestle me down and beat me. He didn’t want to fight Anderson Silva when he was the champion. He didn’t want to fight Luke Rockhold when he was the champion. So he’s looking at me as easy pickings. That’s why he’s focused on fighting me so much. And for all this talk, I say Georges is a fraud. And Canada, who looks at him as their champion — Canada’s champion is a f**king fraud.”

You can watch this new viral craze’s origin in the video above.

Ever since, the internet has been buzzing over Bisping’s insults, and obviously the UFC middleweight champion is enjoying all the fun.

Taking to his social media, Bisping offered the following:

Had to repost

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Michael Bisping and Georges St. Pierre will headline next month’s UFC 217 event and settle the beef.

UFC 217 goes down on November 4th, from the Madison Square Garden, in New York, New York. The pay-per-view event features three title fights and several other notable bouts.