Demetrious Johnson Admits He Was Really Trying To Break Ray Borg’s Arm In Record Breaking Win

The UFC’s new pound-for-pound king Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson broke Anderson Silva’s consecutive title defense record with Saturday night’s UFC 216 co-main event stoppage victory over the very game Ray Borg.

The finish, though insanely epic, didn’t come until the final round. That’s when Demetrious Johnson lifted his opponent off the canvas for a German suplex, while simultaneously securing an armbar where he finished the fight once the two hit the mat.

“I kneed him and then I shook his weight, I shifted his weight,” the UFC flyweight champion said. “And when he shifted, he went back and threw an elbow and was like, ‘Got you.’ And then that’s when I threw him up and then landed in the armbar. Yeah. F*ck yeah.”

Borg was tough and nearly escaped, but Johnson made the adjustments to secure the tap.

“Right now, my left butt cheek is just shot, literally shot. I was squeezing. I remember I threw him up. I grunted, threw him up and slammed him and I remember shimmying down a little bit and squeezing. He was doing a good job of moving his arm back and forth. I was trying to get the elbow in place. I squeezed and he kept on going. I was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s not gonna give up.’ And I had to re-situate the arm, the elbow again on the right spot.” Johnson said at the UFC 216 post fight press conference.

It was bananas… And the man was able to cement himself as one of the greatest fighters of all time in the process.

Making the post-fight media rounds, Johnson hit up TMZ and let them know he was really trying to break poor Ray’s arm in his record breaking performance.

Check it out:

Anderson Silva’s set the title defense record at 10, during his insane run as UFC middleweight champion. Johnson’s victory over Ray Borg was his 11th… And he’s still going.