Mike Goldberg Reacts To The Pittsburgh Steelers Stealing His Signature Catchphrase

Mike Goldberg, now a Bellator commentator.

I would appear that famous MMA commentator Mike Goldberg is not too happy about the Pittsburgh Steelers snatching his famous catch phrase. Now the color commentator has taken to social media to voice his thoughts.

The multi-billion dollar sale of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to WME-IMG has brought about a series of huge changes to the mixed martial arts promotion. Among them, longtime UFC commentating veteran Mike Goldberg was let go from the promotion. Goldberg moved on to commentate for competing promotion Bellator MMA at Bellator 180 and the promotion’s first event inside Madison Square Garden. However, it would appear that is not the only place Goldberg’s famous commentating catch phrases are being used.

Using many of his catch phrases, from “It’s all over!” to “Here we go!,” Mike Goldberg has collected a following of fans that enjoy his work. Apparently, the Pittsburgh Steelers enjoyed it enough to take one of the commentator’s famous quotes.

Taking to Twitter, Mike Goldberg offered a quick social media post with a hashtag of his famous phrase “Here we go!” However the hashtag was unexpectedly marked with the logo of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, as it is the name of one of the team’s older fight songs and a popular phrase for the Steelers.

This was not the first time, Mike Goldberg’s famous phrase has found its way into other promotional messages. Back in 2012, Bud Light used “Here we go” as part of a promotional campaign for their beer.

Responding to a fan that initially noticed the Steelers’ logo next to the phrase, here is what Mike Goldberg had to say:

“First Bud Light, now this, and I was born in Cincinnati!”