Disgruntled UFC Fighter Received Apology From Cormier, Doesn’t Think Rogan Will Give One

UFC featherweight Cody Stamann initially felt a little cheated in the lack of attention he received from cageside commentators Daniel Cormier and Joe Rogan during his UFC 216 war with Tom Duquesnoy. That being said, Cormier later went to social media to offer a public response to the fighter.

Staman later responded to Cormier’s message, “That wasn’t necessary but appreciated. Big fan of yours. Pretty cool to hear you guys call my fight.”

While Stamann is now fine with the response he received from Daniel Cormier and is calm about the entire situation, the fighter still doubts he will ever receive an apology from commentating veteran Joe Rogan.

Appearing on the Obviously Fight Talk podcast, as transcribed by Bloody Elbow, Stamann explained his reasoning.

“There’s not a good a job in this MMA business, and I should know better than to poke at even the commentators because it’s really not their fault, they’re just doing their job, with the resources they have, and, yeah, that got blown up. I’ve been tagged in 30-40 different pictures on Instagram. I’ve got people telling me I’m a ‘whiny little roided midget’. I was reading the comments yesterday and I was just dying laughing at the things people are saying.

“Ultimately it’s my fault. I’m the one that said it, and I talked to DC [Daniel Cormier], DC shot me a message in Twitter and he said he was sorry, and I said, you know, not necessary. I’m a big fan of yours and he had some good, kind words to say, so that was cool to hear from him. But don’t expect that.”

Speaking on Joe Rogan, Stamann added:

“I don’t expect Joe Rogan to apologize. I don’t expect him to even see this. I’d rather he didn’t even see any of this. And you know I’m not upset. I’m not salty about it. I was salty about it for a couple of days.”