Insanely Jacked Bodybuilder Turned MMA Fighter Has Faster Hands Than Any UFC Fighter Today

The world’s strongest man, Mariusz Pudzianowski, is readying for his return to the KSW cage at KSW 40, and ahead of that fight, the 40 year old is showing off his improved hands and blazing fast speed.

On October 22 he’ll return in the KSW main event against former UFC heavyweight James McSweeney.

“Seriously, there was nothing new in my preparations.” Pudzianowski said during an interview prior to his last fight. “I prepared myself as if it is a fight with the world champion. It doesn’t matter if this is one or other fighter. I do my best always. In the heavyweight division you can be knocked out by everyone, even by a less experienced fighter. Like I said, I prepare to every fight one hundred percent. I’ve been in this sport too long to disregard anybody.”

An eight-year veteran of the sport, the 40-year old is on a two fight winning streak, and is 8-3 in his last 11 fights.

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Enjoy the video above!