So Long Dana White, Angela Magana Moves On To Donald Trump

Puerto Rico is still distraught after suffering devastating hits from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Now many of its residents are without running water, electricity or even food. UFC’s Angela Magana is one of many to have been directly affected by the natural disaster. In an effort to aid those in need, Magana has begun a GoFundMe dedicated to raising money to help any affected by the disaster.

As part of her GoFundMe campaign, Magana has urged fans to reach out to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White to ask him to aid in assisting those affected. However, Magana has not publicly received a response from the UFC president. Now it would appear that the fighter has decided to move on to the President of the United States of America.

Tweeting her message, Magana stated “President Trump puerta Rico needs your help.” The fighter then asked President Trump to donate to her GoFundMe campaign.

Of its $50,000 goal, Magana’s GoFundMe has achieved $4,903 in donations. The service can be found here.