Machida Was Ready To Fight Covington Backstage, So Were The Other Brazilian Fighters

If you didn’t know who Colby Covington was last week, you likely know who he is now.

That’s because, not only did he perform excellently against the highly respected Demian Maia, in his one sided unanimous decision victory, but he also set the nation of Brazil ablaze in his post-victory in-cage interview.

“Brazil, you’re a dump!” the UFC welterweight said in D.C.’s post-fight microphone. “All you filthy animals suck. I’ve got one thing to say: Tyron Woodley, I’m coming for you. If you don’t answer the front door, I’m going to knock it in and I’m going to take what’s mine, that welterweight belt!”

This didn’t sit well with anyone from Brazil, and Covington had to got back to a locker room full of Brazilian fighters and their coaches after offending the entire nation on live T.V.

While backstage, things took a different turn for the American Top Team fighter, who was rushed out of the arena by the UFC staff out of fear for his safety.

In speaking with MMAUno, covington revealed, “The UFC were just a little afraid for my safety so we were like rushed back to the hotel with security,” Covington said. “I had to go right back to my room and I wasn’t allowed out anywhere so I just bunkered down in my room. That’s why things happened the way they did.

“When I went backstage there were still a lot of Brazilian people mad. All the Brazilian fighters were like ‘F*** you, I’m going to kill you if I see you. You’re dead.’ Even Lyoto Machida was focused on me saying ‘You disrespected Brazil. F*** you, I’ll f*** you up.’ I was like why are you worried about me, you got a fight with Derek Brunson in two seconds.” Colby Covington continued.

“And like, he should know better anybody that there’s going to be heels in this game and there are going to be people that play the villain role. He’s been around it a lot so he should know. He should’ve learned his lesson.”