Mark Hunt: ‘How can GSP be allowed to fight? . . . He Talks About Aliens!’

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt was initially set to headline the UFC’s Sydney, Australia event later this year. However, “The Super Samoan” was later pulled from the card. The UFC later released a statement claiming that Hunt was pulled from the event due to concerns for his health. The statement called back to a story published by Hunt in which the fighter expressed that he has had issues with memory loss and slurred speech.

Since then, Hunt has been quite vocal that he believes his fight being pulled was due to his current litigation with the mixed martial arts promotion. In response to his defeat by Brock Lesnar, after Lesnar failed his drug test for their fight, Hunt opened a lawsuit against the UFC.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Mark Hunt explained that he found the UFC’s claim that they are concerned with his health to be unconvincing.

“The UFC says they’re acting for my well-being. Why did they put me in the Octagon with all these cheaters, then? Why are they letting [Georges St. Pierre] fight again when he’s talked about seeing aliens? They just let a guy [lightweight Kevin Lee] fight with a staph infection last week. If they’re worried about our well-being, why did they do all that?”

Georges St-Pierre is set to take on reigning champion Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title in the main event for UFC 217. “The Count” has been heavily trash-talking his opponent ahead of the event, pointing out Georges St-Pierre’s tough battle against Johny Hendricks as a possible reason for his beliefs towards aliens.