Matt Serra Latest UFC Legend To Call For Mark Hunt To Retire: ‘It’s Your Time To Go Away!’

Yesterday former UFC bantamweight champion and female fighting legend Miesha Tate called for the retirement of Mark Hunt.

Now she’s joined by another former champion and legend of the sport in Matt Serra, who is also calling for Mark Hunt to retire.

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt was recently pulled from his upcoming UFC Sydney main event, after his own admission of brain damage due to fighting.

You mix that with an existing lawsuit with the UFC, and the UFC brass pulled the heavyweight they second they had good reason.

Hunt’s arguing that his comments were taken out of context, and that he was medically cleared to compete.

Still though, the UFC isn’t hearing any of it, and Fabricio Werdum has been booked to replace Mark Hunt.

In a new statement on his podcast, Serra advised Hunt to retire.

Here’s his comments: (Replay above)

“You know what’s not good for his whole case, getting passed the medicals. It’s good to be honest, but dude… (Mocking Hunt)’Oh man, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I remember what I had two-years ago for breakfast.’

“Listen man, I know you’re a warrior, but maybe’ it’s time to walk away.

“Don’t get my wrong, I’m a big Mark Hunt fan. I like him too because he’s chubby and dangerous. He’s a little chubby.”

Is it time for Hunt to call it a career?