Miesha Tate Forced To Argue With Fans, Now In A Full Blown Twitter Feud Over Her Stance On Autographs

Retired UFC sweetheart Misha Tate is one of the most beloved figures of our sport today.  Recently, Tate has been enjoying her retirement and her new role as an analyst behind the Fox desk.

“It is not on my radar to come out of retirement at all,” Tate said. “I kind of like hanging out with you guys. So I plan to be here a little bit more. But if I did, 145 pounds sounds a little bit more appealing. I do enjoy my pizza. So with that being said, I don’t want to have to cut weight anymore either.” Tate said while doing coverage for UFC on Fox.

The former UFC champion rarely has an ill-word about anything or anyone, especially since she’s no longer an active competitor, but instead she’s caught in a real life twitter feud with her very own fans.

In all sports, but especially in MMA, a quick search on EBAY and fight fans can purchase their favorite fighter’s signatures on posters, cards, dolls, gloves . . . You name it.

So, what’s going on is autograph hunters stalk fighters like Miesha outside hotels and venues, with hands full of merchandise for the fighters to sign. Then they profit off it.

Miesha is absolutely against these practices and when she spoke out against it, some of her fans didn’t appreciate it at all.

What happened next was a Miesha Tate who refused to backdown, forcing her into a lengthy Twitter argument.

Check it out:

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