Conor McGregor Tweets And Deletes His Reaction To Ferguson vs. Lee UFC 216 Title Fight

UFC mega-star Conor McGregor has been sitting idle, keeping his comments about last weekend’s UFC 216 bout to himself, until late last night.

Thanks to the internet and a real-life glitch from Instagram, Conor got caught red handed reacting to the bout, but he may not want us to know.

The UFC 216 main event was of critical importance to Conor’s championship reign. That’s because with his recent move to boxing, “The Notorious” made way for the UFC to crown an interim champion of his division.

Tony Ferguson now awaits for McGregor to return to the UFC so the two can unify the two titles.

“I really want to kick this dude’s ass because I believe that my skills are better. I guarantee you that I’d be a better champ and I would defend the belt. He defends the belt zero times. Zero times. He won it, he talked his way into this sh*t, and my management knows exactly where I stand with this, and I don’t stand for that kind of sh*t. I’m here right now putting numbers behind it, the same way that I made them take me into The Ultimate Fighter.” Ferguson said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

Conor McGregor’s reaction has swirled around the internet this morning, only no one has referenced his caption. That’s because there was no caption. Only a laughing Conor, drinking a beer and not giving a f*ck.

You wanted his reaction… you got it.

Here’s the image of his reaction below, followed by the evidence of it’s deletion.

Check it out: