Mike Perry: ‘Till Went Fishing For A Bass’ — THE REMIX! — Watch Now!

UFC welterweight fighter “Platinum” Mike Perry’s popularity continues to grow.

And with that growth comes a few things…

For starters, you get a cult-like fan following, and they convene daily on MMA forums around the world. Your social media following starts to go up, even your girls goes up thanks to you . . . Then, as is the case with Mike Perry, you get called out by the weekend’s UFC main event winner. . .

Perry’s definitely got a bit of star power now.

We know he’s getting close to bonafide UFC star now, because not only does all the above hold true n the case of “Platinum”, but he just got his own remix.

Check it out:

“Yeah, he looked good against Donald — against Donald Cerrone. Not against ‘The Cowboy.’ That’s not the ‘Cowboy’ that wins fights. That’s the Donald that shows up. I wasn’t happy with Donald’s performance. I’ve seen him fight a lot better. Darren didn’t get a tough fighter tonight, he got someone who gave up in the first round. You know that’s not what we’re gonna see with me.” Perry said after Till’s victory over Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 118.