New Champ Tony Ferguson Absolutely Shreds D.C. On Twitter, And D.C. Wants A Face-To-Face

Tony Ferguson now going at UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier.

Two champions are currently having a dispute on Twitter in the form of Daniel Cormier and Tony Ferguson.

Ferguson is coming off of his UFC 216 interim title winning performance over Kevin Lee, and for some reason is taking aim at the UFC’s light-heavyweight champion, who served as casge side commentator at Saturday’s event.

It’s still kind of unclear why Ferguson is blasting so hard. At first it seemed like D.C.’s commentary was to blame. However, Tony took a turn during his spat, stating it was D.C.’s towel gate that has him smack talking.

At any rate, Tony has a gripe to pick, one that D.C. just escalated to a personal confrontation.

Check it out:

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