Paulie Malignaggi: ‘I’ll Knock Conor Out In Front Of All His Fans’

Former boxing champion Paul Malignaggi and UFC megastar Conor McGregor have some bad blood. While Malignaggi retired earlier this year, the former boxer joined McGregor’s training camp ahead of the UFC champion’s boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After a series of sparring photos were leaked, Malignaggi departed from the camp and has been on bad terms with “Notorious” ever since. Speaking on the possibility of coming out of retirement to take on the UFC lightweight champion, the former boxer recently explained that he could knockout McGregor in front of all his fans.

In an interview with ES News, as provided by, here is what Malignaggi had to say:

“It shouldn’t be a problem to make a fight in boxing. I’ll knock his ass out in front of all his fans. I’ll knock him out in front of everybody. It’s not even difficult to knock him out. You don’t even have to hit him hard. He’s looking for the first window to jump out of.”

“He’s the biggest poser in combat sports. I watched him in his fights. I’ve seen him face to face. He puts on an act. He’s a con artist and he’s conned all the idiot fans. If I was really to predict it, I’d say the same amount of rounds as Floyd. You’ve got to get him there first, and he’ll jump off the cliff for you. You’ve just got to take him to the edge of the cliff and he’ll jump off. You don’t even have to push him. He’ll jump off for you.”