Paulie And Tony Come Together To Talk Sh*t About Conor McGregor

Newly crowned UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson and former boxing champion Paul Malignaggi have decided to team up on Twitter to share their thoughts on UFC megastar Conor McGregor.

Ferguson earned the interim title just last weekend at UFC 216 with a submission victory over Kevin Lee. Directly after his win, Ferguson called out “Notorious” for a title unification fight with the reigning lightweight champion.

Paul Malignaggi, on the other hand, has already crossed paths with McGregor. Joining McGregor’s training camp as “Notorious” was preparing to take on Floyd Mayweather Jr., Malignaggi sparred with the UFC superstar. After a series of sparring photos were leaked, Malignaggi departed from the training camp. The former boxing champion and “Notorious” have been on bad terms ever since.

Taking to Twitter, Malignaggi commented on the supposed sparring footage from his training with Conor McGregor. A short clip of the footage has been released, showing McGregor allegedly dropping Malignaggi. However the former champion boxer claims that if the full parring video was released, a different story would be told.

Here is what Malignaggi had to say:

“Be hilarious in the ring too. I do a lot of talking as I dish out ass whippings. Let Conor release the spar vid you’ll hear it urself lol.”

Tony Ferguson was quick to react to the retired boxer’s message.

“Come On Now Paulie You Know You Want To See Him Get A Good Ol’e Fashioned Ass Whoopin’ At My Hands.”

Paul Malignaggi then agreed with the UFC interim champion and offered some words on his recent title earning victory.

“Haha you def earned the fight Tony. Hopefully he at least has the balls to get in there n defend title with you. Congrats on Saturdays win”