UFC Fighters React To Eminem’s Anti-Trump BET Awards Freestyle With Mixed Reviews

Last night hip-hop rap icon Eminem shocked the world with a global message about the state of affairs in the Unites States Whitehouse.

It was a very direct and to the point message that went viral as soon as it went public. Eminem called for his fans to either ride with him against Donald Trump, or stop being his fans. Though he wasn’t as nice about it.

While several MMA athletes do their best to stay out of politics, we had a few who took to twitter with the reaction. All pretty much agreeing with the other. The only stand-alone trump supporter being that of former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

Here’s the reactions:

UFC commentator Snoop even had an opinion:

Here’s the video that shocked the world:

While MMAImports like to remain distant from any political debate, we are very interested in knowing where our readers stand. If you have a moment, hit comments and let us know if you’re for or against Eminem’s Message.