Police Are Currently Seeking TUF Winner Rony Jason For Viral Assault On Woman

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Rony Jason was involved in an incident last Saturday night. Now, it would appear that there is a police investigation concerning the matter.

As seen in the video above, Rony Jason can be seen allegedly assaulting a woman during a party in Quixada, Brazil. Jason can be seen punching the woman, while she is on the ground. Jason screams at her as a group of concerned party goers pull the fighter off of the woman.

Brazilian news outlet G1.com has reported that the alleged victim is Rony Jason’s sister. Chief of the local Women’s Protection Police Precinct, Janaina Siebra, spoke to G1.com on the matter. Explaining that Jason’s sister never approached authorities on the matter, Siebra revealed that the investigation does not require the alleged victim to press charges.

“We were made aware (of it) through social media, and we’ve notified the victim. Since it’s a public action, the investigation doesn’t depend on the victim’s will. She didn’t reach out to the precinct. The precinct reached out to the victim to investigate the fact.”

Siebra claimed that the “appropriate measures” are being taken to handle the case. The specifics of those measures were not disclosed, as to not interfere with the investigation.

Police have yet to reveal if Jason has been located, but demanded that the fighter present his side of the story “soon.”

Rony Jason was the 2012 winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Since then, the fighter has continued to perform inside the octagon. Having not won a fight since 2014, Jason most recently suffered a unanimous decision loss to Jeremy Kennedy.