USADA Removes Alcohol From Banned Substances List

The anti-doping policies of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are always changing. This time, the anti-doping watchdogs of the UFC have made a few unexpected changes to their list of banned substances. Among them, alcohol and CBD are no longer banned.

As reported by MMA Junkie, USADA informed UFC competitors yesterday of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list alterations. Fighters have three months to “to ensure that they are educated on and compliant” before the alterations are made official. The revision was published Oct. 1.

Among the alterations, cannabidiol (CBD) is no longer a banned substance. The substance is an active cannabinoid found in marijuana. Also removed from the banned substance list, alcohol is now free game for all UFC competitors.

MMA Junkie has provided a list of other expected changes from the recent update by USADA:

“A list of prohibited glucocorticoids, which help to relieve inflammation in the body.

Revised limits on salbutamol, an asthma medication alleged to benefit endurance when used by athletes.

Doses of salbutamol may not exceed 800 micrograms over any 12 hours with a 1,600 mcg limit of inhaled salbutamol over any 24-hour period.

Alcohol removed from the list.

Glycerol, formerly on the list as a S5 diuretic and masking agents, is now allowed.

Eight new banned substances in various categories.

Gene Doping clarification to include current and emerging gene manipulating technologies, such as CRISPR/Cas9 and Targeted Genome Editing, on the prohibited list.”