Set To Headline This Weekend’s UFC Event, Donald Cerrone Already Has His Next Fight Booked Too

It has been revealed through a pair of interviews that, despite being booked to headline this weekend’s UFC event in Poland, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone already has an opponent lined up for December as well.

“Cowboy” is a fan-favorite striking based fighter with an excellent ground game that compliments his stand up skills. He is also one of the UFC’s most actve fighters on the roster.

Taking to Sirius XM with Luke Thomas, Cerrone himself hinted that a second fight was already lined up for him. He said, “They can’t officially book me for two. It won’t work. It’s just on ice.”
. . .
“Not to mention do I love it, but then I just know the amount of money coming into my bank account when I put four fights in.”

Which for legal reasons is a true statement. Nothing is official without a signed contract, and Donald Cerrone can’t have two bout agreements signed at the same time.

Cerrone’s longtime training partner and teammate Joe Schilling was also recently on another Sirus XM show, and he revealed a little more details about this second fight for “Cowboy”.

Talking to MMA Tonight, Schilling said, “I know who he’s fighting, but now I feel like I might’ve just let the cat out of the bag on that one. It’s gonna be a good fight. It’s an exciting matchup for sure; I think a lot of people will be excited about it. That’s all I can say. But let’s get this dork, Darren Till, out of the way first.”

This second fight is expected to go down on December 30, at UFC 219. It would make sense to include Donald Cerrone on the UFC’s big year-end event, as he is still one of the UFC’s biggest stars.

Who do you think Cerrone is set to fight next?