Former Holm Opponent Feeds Cyborg Ammo, Implies That Holly Does Steroids . . . And Cyborg Eats It Up

UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is not entirely happy with the drug testing practices of the UFC’s anti-doping partners USADA. The champion was recently involved in an incident with two USADA agents in Thailand. Police were called to the scene after the two agents began asking questions concerning Cyborg at her hotel. Telling the police that they were in Thailand for vacation, police later detained the two agents.

Taking to social media, Cyborg has voiced her disapproval of being subjected to random testing multiple times in a short period of just under a month. Speaking on her potential title defense against Holly Holm, Cyborg explained that she wishes for Holm to be subjected to an equal amount of testing.

Cris Cyborg of course failed a drug test back in 2012 for stanozolol, an anabolic steroid.

Now it would appear that Mia St. John has gotten Cyborg’s attention. Responding to Cyborg’s demands concerning USADA, the boxer explained that she knows no fighters that are not doing “something.”

Here was Cyborg’s original message:

“I want a guarantee @hollyholm is tested same number of times as me during this camp @UFC @usantidoping her gym has a history 2! I’m clean.”

St. John responded:

“I hate it when fighters criticize others 4 doping when they themselves r doing it! And I have yet 2 kno a fighter that doesn’t do something!”

Thinking back to St. John’s pugilistic match with Holly Holm, Cyborg added:

“Now I’m curious…Do you think she was taking something when you fought her in boxing?”

That being said, St. John had claim that Holm specifically was responsible for any performance enhancing drug usage.

“I have no idea, but in my 20 yrs of pro boxing, i rarely found someone that didn’t do it!”