‘T.J. Dillashaw regrets leaving Team Alpha Male ‘every day of his life’

UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt really has “No Love” for his former teammate and upcoming opponent, former UFC champ T.J. Dillashaw.

The two have gotten physical on numerous occasions up to this point, and the trash-talk exchanges have been epic, but Cody’s not done.

Taking to yesterday’s pre-fight media call, Garbrandt continued to blast his former teammate for leaving Team Alpha Male, and the words cut deep.

Ever since leaving the training home of UFC hall-of-famer Urijah Faber, Dillashaw has been road bound, jumping from gym to gym, looking for a stable and high-level training environment.

Cody Garbrandt knows this, and uses the two’s personal relationship to attack.

And Boom:

“He regrets [leaving Team Alpha Male] every day of his life. But his ego won’t let him admit that. Let’s be honest, T.J.”

“All my teammates, they built T.J. up to where he’s at. They know T.J. like the back of his hand. They got me ready for Dominick Cruz, they went countless hours, 27 rounds with Dominick Cruz, so they knew him, they taught T.J. everything. I had Justin Buchholz in this camp the whole camp the last year preparing for T.J., getting ready for this guy, and Justin taught him how to throw a punch, so I’m extremely confident when I get in there.”

Who wins this pivotal UFC grudge match in next weekend’s co-main event?